The Sum of Our Fears

7" x 10" mixed media on paper.
I was cursed out last week. 

What began as a fairly normal conversation dissolved into a rant that ended with the individual hanging up on me. Why? Because I told them not to visit an immunocompromised person. 

I am pretty easy going. My instinct is to diffuse, calm & soothe. So imagine my surprise when my comment was met with a tirade about fake pandemics, conspiracies & derision for those wearing masks in public. If your faith is strong, the person said, you don't need to worry about it. 

How arrogant. 

Every morning, I scan the Covid-19 stats for all 191 countries currently under lockdown for both work & the course in International Organization Management I am taking with the University of Geneva. I am sure there are devout religious among the global dead. And they died in hospital beds, surrounded by strangers & struggling to breathe. 

What strange times are these when arrogance like this is being worn like a badge of honor? Since when it is brave to act like a virus cares about conspiracy theories or politics?

I have seen people still comparing this to the flu. The kidney & heart damage being recorded in survivors means this is nothing of the sort. Others say it is only killing the elderly. Not only is this false, but these same people are oblivious to the fact that Covid-19 is also killing the indigenous populations on this planet. When our Elders & Indigenous die, knowledge leaves with them. The result is a Dark Age. 

I can't speak for you, but I am not ready to slide into that darkness. Instead, I'm taking a cue from Arya Stark in Game of Thrones. I'm saying to the god of ignorance, "Not today." 

Humanity needs to collectively wake up. The entire planet has been on lockdown for quite some time. Our reality consists of cautiously reopening global sectors to make sure there will be a day when this nightmare is over. So it's past time to stop sleepwalking. It's time to be humble, listen & better yourself until that happens.

Because this isn't about you. 
It's about all of us. 

Light, Peace & Good Health on your paths. 


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