Staying Home

5" x 7" mixed media on canvas panel, framed.
A virus does not discriminate.

It cares very little about tax brackets and entitlements. It won't ask about your political views. It doesn't check a box for your religion, race, or gender before it decides to occupy your body. It just does. All of our opinions about this simply do not matter.

There is one irrefutable fact:

Humanity is in this together.

Our global system currently exists on such shaky ground, it's a miracle the fissure cracks haven't already destroyed us.

We have a crisis in every sector. Just pick a topic. You'll find a catastrophe.

Humanity has become a Narcissus hypnotized by its own reflection. 
This virus is a wake-up call.
So what lesson is the virus teaching you? 

Light and love on your paths.


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