Staying Positive in Uncertain Times

16" x 20" mixed media on canvas
In truth, negativity is like a virus. 

It sneaks past your defenses to set up shop. Afterward, it will ask FAAAD to join the party: fear, anger, anxiety, apathy, and depression. These five wreck havoc on the mind and heart. Eventually, you end up like the negative person who sent you into this spiral in the first place. In this case, our world is the culprit.

Humanity will survive Covid-19, 
but we have to conquer our negativity.

It took me a long time to recognize that part of my problem was that I had difficulty accepting good into my life. It's too easy to get so used to living in a hell that we ignore the rats and roaches of our fears congregating in the corners. Suffering becomes an invisible reality that makes light-heartedness and unconditional love suspect.

Years ago, I used to think every person giving me a compliment had a hidden agenda. I also couldn't trust that a person offering help would not place me in a compromising position later. I hated owing anyone anything or giving a single person emotional leverage. I simply had no trust for anyone beyond myself.

At the time, I believed these were the lessons Life demanded of me. I grew up among people who didn't have my best interests at heart. I'd been abandoned and betrayed multiple times by friendships to people I'd mistakenly thought were genuine. Greed and snobbery were so commonplace in my social circles that I started to believe everyone behaved this way.

My answer to these experiences was to be icy and indifferent. I wore the title "Ice Queen" like a crown. As long as I kept that frigid intellectualism in place, I wouldn't be hurt. It didn't take very long to figure out that was a miserable way to live. I never allowed anyone to get close enough to peak under my elaborate armor. I was essentially alone in every way that counted.

Even so, the lightbulb didn't go off until I began practicing Dynamic Stillness five minutes a day. Then I came to understand how my everyday speech was also my prison. Every sentence I uttered was laced with negativity. There was no greater pessimist than me on a sunny day. I'd single out the one stray cloud as proof that rain was inevitable. And who would begrudge me from huddling underneath the umbrella of my doubts while fools frolicked in the sun of hope? 

We've been fools for a long time. Our poisons are varied, of course. Some choose the cyanide of slander and scandals. Others opt for the arsenic of drama and violence. But most of us chose acid. We let the ugliness of the dark eat away at us until there's nothing left. 

What we're seeing today is the result of philosophical acid. 

Many of us have nothing left to believe in. We've convinced ourselves that all this chaos is either too big to handle or someone else's problem. It's really convenient when you contemplate it. The negativity lets us off the hook. We don't have to take responsibility for our part in keeping these dark fires going.

I did some soul searching in recent days. What I found surprised me. As chilled out as I am, I currently spend 90% of my time on negative social media and online groups. I spend 10% or less on positive media as a whole. No wonder I'd spent the last week fighting panic attacks on a daily basis. My subconscious was tapping me on the shoulder with adrenaline to shake me out of a stupor. 

You are what you eat, my friends. 

Yes, we need to see the current news. It's a choice, however, to fan the flames in the comments section or spend hours fuming because someone on the Internet is wrong. We don't need to check our phone every five minutes for the latest update. 

We need to take a breath and look at our actual surroundings. I did. Guess what? There's no chaos in my home. It's all on the screen. You know what that means? I can turn it off and walk away. I can also choose to engage people, groups, social media, and organizations that are centered on what is important to me. 

I'm after making our Earth better for the upcoming generations. This means creating a RIPUS world - a global community that utilizes responsibility, inclusivity, positivity, unity & sustainability in all areas of functionality. These 5 areas have been overlooked by both our leadership and populations for quite some time. So ask yourself how you can work towards these goals in your everyday life. 

I walk my talk. I interact with organizations like the Interagency for Education in Emergencies, Learning Equality, Powering Potential, Project Amazonas, the Nevada Building Hope Foundation, and the Open Source Initiative among others to help educate and heal our world. I personally engage other creatives on the World Economic Forum Book Club, Twitter & Instagram. Every day I make an effort to meet other people who want a better world like I do. 

That's a whole lot better than arguing in the comments section, don't you think?
Light, Peace & Good Health on your paths. 


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