Papercuts - Modern Writing in Perspective

16" x 20" mixed media on canvas

Writers are taught to create engaging copy of all types making the reader feel something. Unfortunately, today's foremost methodology on this is to write "click-bait."

We've all seen headlines like these. The words are strung together for the sole purpose to create volatile discussions. No one ever wins these, by the way. All participants walk away with papercuts on the psyche in the end.

Many blame our society at large for jumping on one bandwagon after another in rounds of public shaming without knowing all the facts of a story. While this is certainly true, some of this responsibility has to fall on the shoulders of the writers. Too many of us are out here to make money or a name for ourselves at the expense of both public interest and our own conscience.

When you write, you owe it to the page to give what you may never reveal to anyone: the truth. Our hurts are truth when they're told objectively and poetically. This type of writing touches on the universal themes that unite us all. We can feel and empathize with the subject matter regardless of who we are and where we've come from. It also sells well.

Yet in an age of instant gratification, we don't want to go that deep with our art. No one wants to give more than the 15 seconds of attention it takes to scroll through your feed for the day. The darkest headline will get that click every time.

We as creative people owe the world more than this. Regardless of any era, it is the creatives among us that catalog history. Our creations exist in libraries and museums around the world as a direct connection to our shared past as humans.

Who are any of us to take The Arts for granted? 

In antiquity, to be a Creative was to be chosen for a sacred duty, a Divine calling. We define every Age through interior design, music, architecture, literature, dance, and fashion. But today, our industry creatives chase definition instead, all too willing to put themselves in boxes for palatable consumption to the highest bidder.

Yes, we have a lot of wounds here throughout the landscape of humanity. But wounds can heal. That's an aspect of the process of life, too. Our existence here is not just about death, destruction, chaos and the abyss. And if we are forever staring down into a dark pit of Nothingness, it will eventually stare back at us after being made sentient by our own projections. We birth demons on our tiny blue dot of a planet when our personal creeds consist of half-truths, obfuscation, and self-righteous justifications.

So this week, I'm asking you to take a break from your usual consumption and production of art that produces papercuts in our society. Think about what the page and canvas are asking of you when you sit down.  Contemplate what the music wants your body to channel when you rise to dance. Know that each thought you make in tangible form on our Earth demands the integrity of a design that does not further harm to our environment or people.

It is said in the Garden of Eden that the forbidden fruit gave us a level of sentience we weren't prepared to have. I believe Earth is that garden. And now, more than ever, we need to be responsible with all the gifts we've been given.

Live Better.
May your path forever grow & flourish. 


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