True Prosperity

"Zen in a Cup"
8" x 10" mixed media on canvas


I have long held a dislike for "the prosperity gospel." It began with televangelists insisting that you if you simply touch your hand to the screen and pick up the phone, riches will surely come your way.

This type of sermon goes something like this: 

1) God wants you to be rich. 
2) You are doing a disservice to others for not being rich. 
3) To be blessed with riches from God, send us a money.
4) If this doesn't work, send more money.

I believe All That Is & its infinite manifestations is rather indifferent to the state of our bank accounts. After all, money is a human invention, a means to a fiscal end. So like Existence, money is also neutral.

That said, being rich is one thing. Being wealthy is quite another. One is purely about money and its acquisition. The latter is a mindset.

I say you should aim to be wealthy in your life. 

To be wealthy is to see infinite possibilities in the limitlessness of creation. To be rich is to operate within the constraints of limitation.

I've met many wealthy people in my life. Those with true prosperity didn't take their good fortune for granted. Whether they were wealthy in their relationships, net worth or both, the Golden Rule still applied in their lives. They sought to help and uplift others all the time. People always mention feeling better simply being in the presence of a truly wealthy person living their best life.

Those with riches, however, kept their doors closed when tragedy and disaster came knocking. They performed good works for publicity rather than earnest intent. Most cultivated an attitude of audacity with little thought to the needs of the world at large. Rarely happy, they also surrounded themselves with people who provided an echo for their egotism.

To be wealthy is to spend your time based on your conscience. 
To be rich is to spend your time creating a lifestyle of social mimicry.

Let's be real here: we all want a better life. But to do that, we need to take stock of what we actually have right now. Today. Every positive thing you currently take for granted in your life is a key to a prosperity door you've always wanted to open.

Keep in mind that real abundance is more than just about money. It's also about having the humility to accept that the universe can and will offer you positive things in return for your choice of a positive mindset.

Here are the virtues that cultivate a wealthy life:


And here are the virtues that have been exploited to make people rich:


Regardless of your worldview, making a life path out of any one of the top four will result in the bottom three naturally without any forcefulness (or you having to pay for a pastor's new jet).

So think it over. Pick one. And start thriving.
Light & Love on your path.


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