Pearls and Silver

11" x 14" mixed media on canvas panel

There are no shadows here 
beneath a full moon 
of illumination 
where Everything is cast 
into shades of pearl and silver,
the sacred knowledge 
of land and sea

Yet we behave as ostriches,
sticking our heads 
in the hollow of a spiral tree,
refusing to look at 
the unveiled honesty
of Nature

Despite this,
the Light encompasses 
both the Derelict and the Saved,
forgiving us 
our indifference 
to the miracle 
of our beating hearts

So there are no strangers here
beneath the accepting stare
of a half moon,
where Everything is reduced
to pearl and silver,
hues of relativity 
we view with eyes closed

Life is just scattered stardust
on the surface of an infinity
that can't be asked to care
while giving our confessions
to human demigods
revealed as false idols 
by Time

And in the end,
we're still standing here
beneath a pitch black sky,
the same nihilistic children 
playing hide-and-seek 
with truth,
pretending Eden never existed
just because we're afraid
to light our own candles 
to find it
on the Dark Side of the Moon.

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