The Accidental President

8"x 10" mixed media on canvas
I believe a lot of these pundits and commentators have it all wrong. They've been trying since November to come up with a reason for the Trump phenomenon. Now we've cocooned ourselves in trees of talking points to avoid seeing that the nose of our American populace is looking a bit like Pinocchio. So I've decided to clarify a few things out loud.

I think it's past time we all just go ahead and admit it: Trump was an accident.

He was the car wreck we saw coming and didn't swerve to avoid. We did this because we mistakenly believed the United States government is equipped with enough airbags and seat belts to cushion us from the results of our apathy. And we were wrong.

None of this is about liking Trump. It certainly isn't about calling him a white supremacist, "The Orange One" or any other title they keep assigning him. His proper title is Entertainer. He gave us The Apprentice. Now he's the star of The Apprentice: White House Edition. In fact, he manages to find a way to say "You're Fired" with the same regularly in case we ever forget. So we all knew exactly what he was. Some of us just pretended otherwise for our own reasons. But love him or hate him, we're watching just the same.

This is also not about Hilary. By the way, even the way we discuss Presidential Candidate Clinton is sexist. She's always called by her first name, but I digress. The truth: the Democrats backed a polarizing candidate without even once considering that the first female president also needs to be a new face with no previous legacy in the White House. The Democrats failed to deliver the new. The Republicans didn't.

It's not about an Obama legacy of failure. It's actually about 1) an economic depression created in 2008 by corrupt banking institutions, the same ones who caused the global collapse in 1929, 2)  a health care crisis spawned by insurance companies bankrupting the middle class to pay for the poor while inflating overhead to make themselves rich; and 3) a fiscal deficit increased by politicians giving corporations and the wealthy insane tax cuts in an effort to keep getting reelected.

It's not about climate change extremists driving our industries out business. We have capitalistic business entities with a very consistent track record of increasing profits while killing both us and the environment while Washington uses our tax dollars to help them do it.

This is not about a travel ban on people from dangerous countries. Our leaders have created mass hysteria towards immigrants and refugees to distract us from the knowledge that we have more mass shootings by homegrown terrorists than any other Western nation.

It's not about taking away guns from armed citizens protecting their land with the 2nd amendment. That same land belonged to Native populations who are currently unrepresented in every American sector and living on barren reservations without proper housing, health care, utilities or education in 2017 while we brag about "protecting what's ours."

It's not about the statues. It's about the United States fighting two different historical wars against Confederate and Nazi regimes with beliefs a part of our populace wants to revive due to the fear of being irrelevant.

It's not about the sanctity of marriage. There is blatant hypocrisy in electing a heterosexual man three times divorced while telling same-sex couples their marriages are not equal or moral based on religious reasons.

It's not about which bathroom you use. The same institutions interested in legislating what's in our underwear and bedrooms are curiously uninterested in notions like 1) Separation of Church and State, 2) IRS audits for their multi-billion dollar tax-free profits that fall short often when asked to help any charities Jesus actually would have supported, and 3) scientific research proving their theories on gender are outdated.

Its not about the wall being built. Too many high-ranking U.S. officials and well-connected individuals make money off the black market trafficking across the Southern U.S. border while blaming poor people seeking a better way of life as the reason for our ills.

And it's certainly not about the color divide that has existed since the foundations of this country. We are still so hung up on race that a Natives and African American are often denied economic and educational opportunity while being criminally profiled based on skin color. American Latinos and Hispanics are asked to provide documentation of citizenship even if their families have been here for five generations. Asian Americans get told to go back to their own countries because American history is mostly silent on their contributions to it. The first mixed-race President we've ever had spent his childhood in Hawaii, but was asked to provide a birth certificate because his name isn't Anglo Saxon. And yet...Western Europeans here for a decade on a lapsed visa or Eastern Europeans sneaking in across the Canadian border to flee poverty are somehow magical demographics that just doesn't exist.

Wake up and smell the bullshit, America.

We can only spray so much Febreze on this mess. Our apathy is demanding the rest of the world to appear also on this American reality TV show. We have a choice. They don't.

I will also state unequivocally that violent protest is not the answer here. An educated change of leadership is. The real devil we're fighting exists in the legalese. As citizens, it's time to educate ourselves on the fine print regarding what our branches of government are really allowed to do. This nation was built on the power of the people. It's time we stopped being lazy and use it.

Otherwise, what was the point of this American experiment in the first place?

Light & Love on your path today. 

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