Subconscious ~ 9" x 12" acrylic on canvas panel
If Silence has been my most active method in dealing with the chaos of Reality, surely poetry has been my salvation. I've found it easier in recent years to construct poems rather than say what's actually on my mind. This gives the odd illusion to others that I am wise & have all my shit together. Neither of these are true. My unvoiced internal chaos is very much present in my daily life.

What wisdom I have gleaned on the path is the ability to distance myself from what Swami Chetanananda calls "The Mantra of Stupidity." You see, our minds operate on a continual loop of sensory observation and reactive thought. The thought core (ego) responds to the information gained through the five senses by weighing it all in terms of whether external phenomenon are beneficial or harmful to us. 

Mediation is the method of training the mind to view external phenomena "as it is" rather than through the illusion of "what we believe it is." 

Our cultures and societies thrive on illusion. Reality is not even reality. It's just a word we have constructed through language to refer to an agreed upon hallucinatory state through which humanity collectively views the world. Individual deviations in this state of mind are the cause of all conflicts within our species. Yet these same deviations of thought are simultaneously the very tool that allows us to evolve.  

And what does any of this have to do with either wisdom or having my shit together? Simply stated, I've learned to ignore my thoughts and live despite them. It doesn't mean that my checkbook is anymore balanced than yours or that I am a product of a functional family. Quite the opposite. It just means that I've learned how to turn the volume down on the internal Existential Critic nitpicking my consciousness to death with the song "I could have, should have, would have" over every damn thing. 

That said, I started my Christmas on today's date: December 1, 2016. The gift to myself is breaking my voluntary silence to transform this site into an online journal. I have no idea if what I will say if of use to anyone, though others tell me otherwise. But I'm happy as always to have you reading. 

Light and Love on your path today.

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