Survival: Poetry

I cannot not die
the winds keep me standing;
I want to writhe,
but the days just keep on weeping
and the past isn't receding,
yet I hear your voice:

“Just let me hold you as you sleep.”
I promise you my heart you'll always keep.”

So I cannot not fail,
though there is no breath;
This life is jail,
a prison of my own making
forged from compassion for the taking,
but I still hear your voice:

“I mean it that I'll come for you.
Despite it all, we'll see it through.”

I cannot die
until I've seen you
and I can't stop
until I feel you;
I can't fail
because you're heaven sent
and I'm bleeding out
for my tourniquet:

“Liv, I love you.”

But all I've got is a voice
and the promise of your name
So I survive 
until you come back to me

and make me live again.

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