The Unlocked Gate: Poetry

There is no greater prison than 
the unexamined Mind;
it ostracizes so effectively 
that One cannot often discern its shackles

To learn the nature of the cell, 
The Seeker must raise eyes to study
the writing on their mental walls,
those small little scrawls 
all blushed out in red and black

Born of the subconscious,
this message is always signed from within;
it reads and bleeds of a thousand times
where the inner child has been denied
of both love and hope

To escape,
The Seeker must also stare at the 
careening sentences until the words
sing like miniature flutes 
with the mantra of One's True Self

Only this will open the Unlocked Gate,
the boundary the Mind imposes on Itself
when fear and anger are left unresolved.

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