Total Embrace: Poetry

The Vine by Harriet Whitney Frishmuth


Twilight coming, curtains drawn
her eyes drift gently closed;
sunset fiery, horizon sighs
he steps behind her then

Gentle fingers, nape exposed
he presses lips to skin;
beating heart, scent of other
she turns within his arms

Expectation, breath withdrawn
his gaze meets her own;
Eternal seconds, falling softly
lips meet in a rush

Frantic movement, rush of air
clothing drifts to floor;
Surge of passion, heat of touch
skin electrified 

Grasping fingers, clasping hands
the ritual begins;
Bare momentum, no restraint
fusion at the core

Enraptured love, total embrace
expansive union true;
Jubilant cries, euphoria 
a world reduced to them.

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