Message in a Bottle: Poetry & Art

Angelique, The Keeper of the Cliffs - 9" statue 

She was the Keeper of the Cliffs,
an immortal pagan born of silent lightning
with an inner being of quaking storms

Newly resolute in her anguish,
She stood at the edge over churning waters
holding the Glass in her hands

He'd left her with words,
scattered syllables adrift that wept 
their import on parchment worn with age

So She sealed them,
those words,
sealed them in a bottle,
that message that said He was leaving,
the note that read goodbye

Within the glass encasement,
she placed the remnants of his love
and with tears of mournful yearning
tossed it resolutely into the welcoming sea

During the span of just one day,
She lost her lover with a message, 
yet stood as a woman, whole.

(Note: I first wrote this poem at age 18. 
Every so often, I revise it. 
I have now been working on it for 15 years.) 

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