A New Mythology: Poetry

The Panel convened with 
the Wittoba of the Bilingonese, the heiress Eros 
and the Brennath of the Druids

They sat beside 
the Universal Monarch of the Sibyls 
and the Holy One of Xaca

Until Prometheus called the meeting to order
and the Corpus Christi took the minutes

The Manor Indino fell silent for the span
of seven minutes while Minos and Moses 
asked if it was time to unveil the rites

These Kings of Anything
waited for the star Wormwood
to make the Waters bitter

So Enigmas and Expression abounded
among the ranks of Myth and Legend,
colliding together in chaotic symphony

Until everyone gathered at the base
of the Fig Tree to hear a meditation 
on an Oak Leaf given by the Thunderbird

The great Hawk guards Winter's Gate,
which is both the doorway to Eden
and the fruit of Eternity

And now in the Ninth Hour,
the Angel asks the panel
who is worthy to partake of Life Everlasting:

A New Mythology.

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