Bliss: Poetry

Seeing the Starlight glistening 
over Redwood forests and fields 
that yearn to live again

Touching the Ashes of the Past
while they burst into vibrant life
as Moments of Ecstasy

Laughing through Joy and Heartache,
calloused hands and feet washed 
with these Tears navigating the Path

Knowing Love while being 
held in the warmth of the Consort,
Opposites joined in Sacred Union for eternity

Seeking Serenity within the world of Matter,
finding Solace in Home without lacking
for material manifestations of Comfort

Exploring all Knowledge,
a perpetual Student rediscovering
the landscape of Ancient Terrain

Knowing Oneself 
inside and out, without and within,
content to be As You Are

So obtuse One has been,
so blind in behavior  
in the Pursuit of Desires

Yet how astute One becomes,
how wise in countenance 
from Desire's Comprehension:

The understanding that Life's
pleasures are so fleeting yet their moments
are Here, Now and Everywhere...


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