The Keystone and the Zep Tepi: Poetry & Art

The Keystone - 6" statue

The Man in Black
rode towards the Sistine Chapel with the Scroll
under the nose of the Swiss Guard

Carrying a plan established
long before language was written
and the Temple of Solomon was known

In those days, they swore allegiance to a Cross: 
the Heart and the Seat of Angels
wielding swords and obelisks equally

Yet they claim Reason obliterated Orchestrated Religion
first on the alters of Modern Science, 
exposing the knowledge of Infinity  

But Logic had its origins in the Sudan
with a legacy obscured and stolen by Apollo
who bound the Key in stone at Delphi

Long ago, The Oracles instructed the Servants of Ka
to write the Light of Word as scribes to Au Set
within obscure texts only the pyramids knew

What could be deciphered became the property 
of Master Architects who built sacred signs 
on buildings upon the Earth to seal the Heavens

Now this highwayman carries with him
 secrets freed from a deceased plutocrat's dusty books,
pages that revive the rulers of the Ancient Dead Era:

The Zep Tepi.

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