Heart Seed: Poetry

The Core - 9" x 12" acrylic on canvas

The candle flickered on the ceramic 
elephant's back while the storm breeze brought
the scent of Japanese noodles
wafting from sooty New York streets

From Central Park West windows,
she peered into the urban cosmos
of whispered soliloquies expressed
in the Chic and Absurd pace of city

Sleep fled on silent feet for the door
as she poised with insomniatic wakefulness,
spying melancholy dreams tripping
past pedestrians headed to unknown infinities

Then her steady breath
hitched over the paradox
of realizing the limit of consciousness
is the depth we are awakened within

And that there are seeds 
within the Heart, kernels of Light
that burn through all the love and glory
of  human existence just by being Here.

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