A Solemn Vigil: Poetry

A solemn vigil,
expressed in mournful terms
that span the depth
of a heartbeat's length

As She realizes the prism of Being,
contains no paradox,
only the purity of the here & now
merging with the hereafter

And so it has been done

The candlelight flickers over
the face in the casket
It is one She recognizes from
decades of life

This vestige rests in the box
as if sleeping,
Her face serene, the breath still
in Death's arms

And so the prayers begin

Let us mourn," says the reverend,
"For this Daughter of spirit 
had never learned to fly.
She departs now for better lands."

I reach out to touch the hand
of my Shadow,
the Ego self that wore my face
and fought with me so many years

And so we say "May she rest 
in peace, Amen."

Then I walk out of the Temple 
reborn as myself  
now that my Ego has been laid to rest
in the embrace of Eternity

And so now there stands just One.

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