She, of the Throne: Poetry

I've lived in the Underworld,
and I have been its Queen,
wandering the catacombs
of darkened homes
and all that is unclean

The sun shone but gave no heat;
Night swelled with terror's breath,
Constantly beseeched
by walking dead who screeched
they found no respite from Death

These spirits held my hands morosely,
asking me why I cry
But it mattered naught
how I was caught
Just that I could not fly

Ten years I'd served my time
Counting nearly 4000 days
Yet even under this curse
I became well versed
in the Physics of Hell's ways

There's a secret to this chessboard,
glimpsed in the ashes of The Ring:
If I was to be free 
and liberate the whole of me,
I had to defeat Hell's King

I harnessed all my spirit
and let my Powers heal,
discarding the root
of the forbidden fruit
that I'd eaten to make this deal

At once the darkness parted,
I heard Him screaming alone
But he couldn't stop my ascent
towards the fulfillment
in becoming She, of The Throne:


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