Melancholy Burdens: Poetry & Art

The Third Eye - 11"x14"acrylic on canvas panel


Let us recall when
things were simple:
playtime laughter in
evening Twilight
offset by hovering
fireflies of whimsy

Those were days
when the air carried
the laughter of fairies
and the weight of
dreaming puffed up 
the clouds like dragons
that dispersed as smoke

Can you live again
in a Mountain of Stone
where the heart of it beats like
one glazed eye seeing within always?

You see,
the past is only with us 
in the present moment
when we forget to drop
it from our shoulders

So melancholy burdens
born in silent decadence
will dissipate as we 
remind ourselves
that life begins anew right here:

Within the vision
of The Third Eye.

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