The Lilypad: Poetry & Art

Ambria, The Fairy Queen

So mused the Fairy 
on Love:

He was a distraction,
Something to pass the time 

If I loved him,
I won’t say it;
If I cared,
I won’t admit it

I’ll just sit here on my lilypad
and daydream until
my wings fly

Just physical attraction,
A bit too overwhelming to deny

If I felt safe,
I won’t utter it;
If I felt complete,
I won’t divulge it

I'm just solitary on this lilypad,
Drifting on the river
If there are tears,
The river formed them;
If there is aching,
It is just imaginary

I’ll just rest here on my lilypad
While my eyes blaze with
Heaven’s light

After all,
how can a reflection
hurt you?

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