The Unicorn: Poetry

The Key to the Kingdom - 8"x 11" watercolor on paper

Beneath the Tree in the Garden,
sobs cloistered 
in my heart like prayers

For its corridors would
not comprehend
what the mind readily accepted

These notions of suffering:
Death, Disease and Destruction
left me devastated with the world

Because it existed in a state
of simultaneous Creation
and Dissolution at all times

The whisper when it came
was soft as the center breath
of the Natural Wind

I lifted my head to see
The Unicorn: pinkish white 
and startlingly real

In Its lovely eyes
I saw the Doorway 
I'd sought all this time

Without words,
It told me I was ready
to leave Paradox behind

Then the Unicorn faded 
into a House whose door 
opened with a single Key

I knew in my Heart:
Gate gate paragate 
parasamgate bodhi svaha.

(Note: Bolded text is quoted from The Heart Sutra. To view, click here. )

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