The Street: Poetry

Dreamed a dream
of an outside deli
on an elegant block
where I sat with
a friend

She urged me to
stay a while,
have a meal
and chat

Yet through
all the laughter
and sunshine there,
I could hear distant
cries of anguish

Excusing myself,
I gripped my
sword tightly
as I went to
the middle of the
street and stood
at its center

On the other side,
I saw that the city
became sooty with
grime and dirt;
Emaciated people
lingered in doorways
and the children had
no shoes

"Why go there?"
she asked me
from the other side,
"The view is better
from here!"

I stood with tears
on face and said:
"I can't stay over
there when I keep
hearing the screams."

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