Only Human: Poetry & Art

"Awakened Earth"  -  9"x 12" acrylic on canvas panel

They say that every moment
Is in tune with the universe,
That every second is in accord
With how it must Be

And if that is true,
Then "Why" becomes agony;
These torturous thoughts
Of would be, could be, is not


It appears that Humanity's origins
are a conjured fable
We’ve decided is real

And now that we’ve convinced ourselves
Of such concrete facts
It is so very hard to imagine
That they are just as fictitious
As anything else

It’s all Belief:
Everything around us,
and all that we know

Some of this can be backed
by concrete, scientific evidence,
the bulk of it cannot

Beyond this fact,
there are many things
we will never know
simply because
we are only Human.

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