My Truth: Poetry & Art

"Soul Harvest"  - 9"x12" acrylic on canvas

I have loved
In the the morning
before Dawn,
When the air was ripe
with promise,
I felt him slip
inside my heart

Hands clasped
We rose together
On a sigh,
The whisper of a name,
A caress that lasts Always

Yes, I have loved
with ease and hope
and confidence,
leaving only when the
negativity would turn me
into other than what I am

From this love,
two cherished sons, 
even though the marriage
disintegrated into ash

Since then,
I’ve loved their laughter,
these dancing cherubs
with cheek flushed
from spinning
My young red-caped heroes
saving the world one
school day at a time

When those small arms
Wrap around me,
through the giggles,
I hear them say,
“I love you, Mom.”

And the light
in their eyes is the
harvest of my soul:

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