The Symphony of Existence: Poetry & Art

"Manjushri and the Carved Block"
9"x 12" watercolor on paper

There is just the Present moment,
all else is distraction
So that one gets lost in thought,
adrift on a train going nowhere,
just traveling an infinite looping track.

To change your life,
begin with the realization
that the world around you
does not satisfy that
restlessness inside

To unveil the Path,
One must slice through
confusion and fear
stirring at your core
with the Sword of
Conscious Attention

To open your eyes,
one must acknowledge
the Symphony of Existence
where all aspects of Creation
play distinct and vital chords

School Your Mind
to change your story;
Master Your Mind
to change the world

And in doing so,
break the tracks of
subconscious repetition
you've been
riding all your life.

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