Magdelene: Poetry

The wise man stood guard
over the verses,
twisting words as if I were daft
I humored him in these
lies he gave,
though I already knew the truth
I asked him if he knew
Where the secret symbols were hidden
“Of course,” he laughed,
“But you are after all a woman.”
He pushed me out of the chamber,
locked the door behind him,
and laughed his way down the hall
He did not know
that I already had a key of my own
Oh, they say that I have
Conversed with the snake,
It was me, 
us and I,
These lone women masking
Themselves as relics who knew
Nothing about life and the other
Self-interested pathways to
"It is but one thing,"
The apple said,
And with that knowledge
The world turned on its ear,
And still they would condemn
The woman as if curiosity
Itself were not a mortal trait
Born of Adam’s cowardice
There are secrets here,
In verse,
In sanctified hallways
Where only librarians walk
And if you are careful,
If you are worthy,
Then the veils are lifted
From your eyes
You will spy entire
Eras in the architecture
Of a building,
Realize that every interaction
Is but a reflection
Of the knowledge you
Already have
To be both awake and aware
Requires that you
To know thyself
Through and though
I wanted to know
The secret of all secrets
I wanted to heal
And be learned
Where they said I
Could not tread
I wanted to acknowledge
And stand strong
When they said as a female
That I would remain weak
I wanted to be determined
And solitary
Because they guaranteed
I would always be dependent
I wanted to shatter every
Notion that they could
Have about me,
Spin their beliefs on
Their ears and dazzle
The world with things
They did not know
And I wanted all of these
Things solely because
They claimed
A Woman Would Never Have Them.

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