Bryan: Poetry

She remembered Him,
the scent of leather in his footsteps
and the smell of wine on his lips,
the way He kissed her in the car 
with a smirk and a smile
tinged with sardonic wit

The broken man named Bryan, 
the one that was never meant to be
And the Infatuation followed Devastation
unto all Eternity

She'd walked down the hallway,
a calla lily blooming
with every step She took towards him
and He'd stared back at her 
captivated with a grin 
that matched her own

The heart clenched then
knowing it was only chemistry
But the lingering touch just hurt too much
to fade so easily

One night He murmured in the dark,
anger gone and replaced with afterglow,
arms around her in acknowledgment;
Even then they knew it was the only time
the stars would allow a clandestine meeting
without their shields

After those moments her heart accepted
that He was not her Destiny
Apart they walk and apart they talk:
He lives his life, so does She.

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