Anger: An Abstract Painting

"Anger"- 9"x12"acrylic on canvas panel

Art for me is therapeutic. When there is something I can't say in words, it will certainly come out on a blank canvas. Perhaps its meaning will not make sense to anyone but me, but that's okay. I believe that the beauty of the expression itself is what matters: meaning is discerned in the eyes of beholder. 

So for the last few days, I've been in a moody creative kick that is taking me into the depths of myself. I've attempted doing paintings at the height of the emotive climaxes, so to speak. This painting is the physical representation of my anger. I channeled every single ounce of agitation into I have into its creation.

The end result fascinated me. The center figure is a twisting loop. This is exactly how my anger makes me feel, like I'm in knot that goes nowhere. Interestingly, there is an garbled mass of green and red behind the figure. Seeing it, I laughed because I think that's my past that I'm lugging about everywhere. And it's got me stuck sometimes so that I can't appreciate the beauty in everything else. I'm just an endless loop of frustration.

It felt good to do this painting and delve into the center of the emotion like that. Not trying to control it, just venting it all at once. So I think I'll likely perform that experiment again to see what surprises are lurking within my subconscious. :)

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