The Agents of Nothing: Poetry & Art

"Deconstruction" -  9"x12" acrylic on canvas panel

In my intellectual travels,
never have I spied
a philosophy as toxic
as Nihilism

For this belief can
persevere alongside both
ardent theists and stalwart atheists,
masquerading behind either
like a wolf
wearing a shepherd's skin

When one becomes
convinced every aspect
of Existence is meaningless,
then Nothing itself is Sacred:
 They become hypnotized by the Abyss

They dwell within
a nullified version of Life
where Mankind is ruler
of a solely materialistic domain
based on the edict of Power:
Survival of the Fittest

It is this worship
of Mankind's egotistical
magnificence that is
wrecking havoc on our world,
dividing it into spoils for
these Agents of Nothing

And their most
lucrative method of War
is the Art
of Orchestrated Chaos.

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