A Riddle: Poetry

It is said that there exists
a Tree of Life:

If this is so,
Then there is
a Tao of Life,
a Path of Life,
a Way of Life,
a Passage of Life,
a Journey of Life,
a Mechanism of Life,
a Method of Life,
A Sutra of Life,
a Dance of Life,
a Mantra of Life,
a Chant of Life
a Book of Life

Such is the way
of Eastern Metaphor
It is said,
there exists a
Tree of Knowledge
of Good and Evil

If this is so,
then it is also
the Tao of Destruction
and the Mantra
of Manifest Destiny

For this Western Thought
knows quite well
It is said
"State your path."

my philosophy
consists of 
The Golden Rule,
The Tao Te Ching
The Gospel of Thomas,
The Medicine Buddha Mantra,
& The Heart Sutra:
All in one.

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