The Inner Mirror: Poetry

The truth is not found
in the ashram
nor in the monastery
or the church

The truth is found inside
and its resonance is seen
through the eyes

It does not matter
what rank you say you hold
what title you feel you deserve

In the end,
it is your heart that is weighed
like those of everyone else
in this world

And you are judged for
every action that you have done
during this life

Hell is not in the afterlife
It is right here:
the cage of actions
binding you in a place
you do not desire to be
and each day within it
is as long as a thousand years

So while it may not seem
like the evil ones do not
suffer for their deeds,
they do

Because they have to live
in those bodies as themselves,
locked in with every action
and every evil:
a mirror they can't ever escape.

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