Unapologetic: Poetry

The sun blazes
on my being
as I stretch myself
around it,
shimmering in
a rainbow hue,
exploding with the
spectrum of color

I am seen and unseen,
the radiance of
light with cold fusion
existing in empty space

I am a halo,
the skin of
Divinity's bright star,
the easing of
the oldest mystery
time forgot
to comprehend

Like the iris,
I expand and contract,
Like the rose,
I bloom with
the fairest of looks
Like the night,
I am cloaked with

I am a halo,
rue and untrue both,
elusive to sight,
yet fully born in
There are no stars
I do not touch,
no oceans beyond
my infinite reach

And if there is only
one thing I can utter,
one lesson I can name,
then it would be
to simply exist
as I do:

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