The Sons of Set: Poetry

A Riddle:

And so the world
received its lots,
following the footsteps
of a murderer
who killed his brother
in cold blood:
the one known as Set

Who was expelled from
the holy lands
of sand and lotus with
the mark upon his face

From his image,
the world emerged
from Eden's cocoon
into a Savage Garden,
a vampire's fondest wish

We live among civilized violence,
slaughtering innocence daily
on the alter of Birthright
in the land of Ephraim

While established authorities
spread half-truths and falsehoods
to the people like oil and wine
in these Days

They ask us to break bread
over false calendars,
remaking every aspect
of Creation
in their image
as if that will somehow
stop the clock

But I have heard
the hungry silence
from these
fiscal black holes;
There comes a
time of reckoning

And although 

we may spy the 
first class seats
are already filled on
this sinking Titanic,
the wealthy sons of Set
have forgotten the parable of
The Masque of Red Death.

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