The Ninth Gate, I: Poetry

Note: The following works are based on esoteric research regarding the phenomenon known as The Ninth Gate. Many spiritual initiates in the last millennium were fascinated with the notion of ascending/descending the various levels of Heaven and Hell. In fiction, Dante's The Inferno and The Club Dumas by Perez-Reverte are excellent representations of Christian and occult thought on the subject. However, it is my belief that much of what we know about these gates stems from "The Books of Gates," which is an ancient Egyptian text.

To enter the Gates
of Light or Dark,
begin with
Knowledge & Books
Knowledge is found
in the rare and
unseen books;
the rarer the book,
the more power it
Every subject,
no matter how benign
is the breath
of Wisdom's
light and dark
Even ignorance
is a stepping stone
towards the Divine,
marked by the Journey
of the Fool
In every battle,
the libraries were
always pillaged;
Too much knowledge
lost created
a Dark Age
The World has been
in a Spiritual
Dark Age for
thousands of years
Though we grow in
we lack the moral
capacity to wield
its power
Our mentality
is why Suffering
continues to plague
at every turn
the enlightened
among us
use three-dimensional
words to recognize
each other:
It is the knowledge
of these symbols
that adherents
seek to learn
And those
who seek the
power only for
will find the
Ninth Gate
of existence
the hardest
to traverse
For it is the
Kingdom of Shadows,
a negative version
of reality
forged from
the darkest corners
of the soul
And only the purest
can remain here
without succumbing
to its pain.

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