The Epiphany: Poetry

Upon waking,
Ask yourself
If you hate your life
If yes comes
To the fore,
Understand this is
The nature of all
Your pain
It shines
in every action,
all you do:
The python
Lying sleeping,
Not yet poised
To strike
And one day,
It takes takes
that tiny spark,
that last insult
To stir it
to Rise
On that day,
you'll perform
100 days
Of crazy
in a single
The joy in those
Moments is found
From being able to
Say and do all
You’ve wished
All these things
riding your back
cast off,
even if you don't
know what you'll
do from there
Just for a moment
You feel alive Again
And you will follow
That feeling
Even if it means
Your destruction
Because it’s
Just that wonderful
So I say in warning:
The Epiphany uplifts
towards higher places
and fulfills you;
The Fall begins
that "one last thing"
you need to do before
your real life starts.

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