28th Street: Poetry

I heard the ravens singing
among the tree branches,
calling to me in greeting:

For once,
I did not feel fear
At their approach,
nor did I shutter when one
Landed just outside my window
a Realization
Of sirens and burdens:
This world with all
Its contradictions
Makes the brain weary
And the heart indifferent
At the 28th Street,
I went to ask for directions
on which Path I should take;
A clown stood on the corner,
Juggling arrows instead of pins

“Do you know the way
To Nirvana?” I asked.

“Of course,” he said,
“It rests between
lines of false History 
you’ve been told.
Once you realize
All the lies,
and you see things
For what they are,
Nirvana is found 
in the resulting
uncontrolled Laughter.”

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