The Underground: Poetry

I keep waiting for
The sky to open for me
To stop being cloudy
With a chance of rain
I’ve been wearing a rain
Coat all my life;
I long to see the sun
So I sit here,
Sheltered beneath
The roof
While the rain
Gathers over head

I am not comforted;
There is also a storm
Inside me
Lying here in the dark,
Upon a mattress bleak
I think about my life
and the windows obscured
by the mist
Things are in constant
Flux and change around me;
I merely wait for the
Next shoe to fall
I am forever
plagued by endings
Of all stripes
When all I wanted
was a happy eternity
I’ve run out of wit
And wisdom,
I’m left instead
With a dry well
Of cynicism and a healthy
Dose of indifference
I am now
in the Underground,
Where anything can happen...

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