The Techno-Freak: Poetry

I am so much of a techno-freak,
Draped in the atmosphere
Of this brave new world

Don’t you know that I walked
All this way in ill-fitting shoes,
To stand here naked in front
Of lavishing crowds
That don’t even yet know my name?

And this is the treatise, 
The place where fact and fiction meet,
Where they conjoin like two lovers
Who aren’t yet ready to admit
Their love for the other

I can say that sometimes
I’ve been ashamed to live in this skin,
To let the world see me as I am
Instead of the pretender they’ve
Wished me to be

Caught up in vices 
I can’t describe their mechanisms
I can only sense the scope
Of my destruction 
Should I languish in their depths

And if that weren’t enough
To still the rampant heartbeat
Of just another soul
Then I could weave these
Swords into justice and 
Return with something other
Than what I am…

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