The State of "9": Poetic Ramblings

Note: What follows is a part of a 10-post poetic commentary on mankind's devolution (posts on our evolution begin here and are similarly titled in the archives.)

Poetic Mathematics of Mankind: 9

I did the thing they said
I could not do
I took the law and broke it,
Split it right in two

I am still standing here,
My face all flushed with glee
Never did I feel as alive then,
Never have I felt as free

It was a taste,
Nay, just a sample
But its juice was lush and light
It was great,
Yes, and so ample
In setting my soul into flight

There is more,
There is more,
I know this must be true
The Elders do not know everything
And even if they do
I will pursue this,
I will discover this,
Because this gift they will surely covet
Over everything

But I was the chosen
And it is mine
I was the chosen,
Yes it was me
No one else will have it;
It is my destiny.

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