Poetic Mathematics of Mankind: 8

Note: What follows is a part of a 10-post poetic commentary on mankind's devolution (posts on our evolution begin here and are similarly titled in the archives.)

The thoughts,
Incessant flies that swarm
Unbidden into my head
Fueling me with desire
Yet poisoning me with dread

I know they are wrong
They do not know the way
I know it, I know it, I know it
I have every book and every symbol
I uttered the chants and declared
The creeds

All I can see are possibilities,
Endless possibilities
All they know are limitations,
Endless limitations

They do not know,
They do not lead
Look at them,
Accomplishing nothing

Yet I accomplish.
I march, perform, create.
I have the seven keys
That unlocked the seven seals
I have the twenty-four talismans
That will take me where I need to go
The knowledge is almost mine.

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