Poetic Mathematics of Mankind: 1

Note: What follows is a part of a 10-post poetic commentary on mankind's devolution (posts on our evolution begin here and are similarly titled in the archives.) after eating the metaphorical apple from the Tree of Knowledge. This fruit is self-awareness (i.e. ego). I have used the numbers 1 through 10 in this writings symbolically having studied numerology, Gnosticism and Scottish Freemasonry. Each word has been carefully selected.

Mathematics of Mankind- 1
I am here in my magnificence,
I have achieved the greatest dream
Of luminescent thoughts
My wonderment is profound

I have power,
My own power
I am awake and aware
Learning the pulse of hearts and minds
I dictate thoughts and actions
Of those beneath me,
Their loyalties and their strife

I am everything,
The Alpha and Omega,
The magistrate of all I see
and Grand Master of all I know
The world is already mine,
Thus the heavens will bow also.

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