The Labyrinth of You: Poetry

Startled by the fact
And the noise,
The issue and the drama,
She waited,
Listening to the beat
Of a synchronized
Conjoining that only
She could imagine
The Crone 
spoke to me
In dreams,
Asking me if 
I believed
In love

I answered in 
the affirmative,
Touched her hand 
with mine
And wondered
Where this would lead
So, too, then
The story unfolded
before her
The women closed
Their eyes in solemn prayer;
Eventide had arrived,
They lifted hands
And whispered there,
Grateful to be alive
Behind Alexandria,
On a path 
laden with Gold
Stood a doorway
To a tree
Whose fruit
Would last for all time
It is a riddle, you see:
The key to the kingdom
Is the bridge to Eden,
which is the gateway of
Knowing who you are
Be like the rock,
See who you are,
For my part:
I am a small woman 
with so much heart
The rule was written
and it must be heard again:

Be as you will be
BUT let it harm none
And recall lives
With errors:
these are clues
to the journey
towards your 
inner sanctuary
Get lost in 
the labyrinth
and recreate yourself
one decadent age 
at a time.

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