The 21st Face of Eve: Poetry

These reflections 
come in Bursts
It is said there are 
Twenty-One Faces 
of  woman

If I have reached the 
Twenty-First facet of Eve:
Let these wishes come
To fruition even as these
Words are typed on the screen
I smelled the darkness
Of her breath,
The taste of 
cinnamon and clove,
The choked face of death
Riding in her heels as she walked,
She was judgment,
She was finality,
Yet she did not appear yet
As she was:
She was Me.
Writing stream 
of consciousness
to reopen the doors to
within myself
Dreaming of not being human,
Of drifting in other skin
These dreams blend and mesh
With reality until it is all one
I wonder where
my ambition went,
The drive to do 
so many things
There must be more 
to life than this
I lived in ignorance,
then I found knowledge:

How was I to know
That it was worse 
in the knowing
The very horrors 
that this world
Can show you?

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