Warrior: Poetry

The scintillating blade hums in my hand,
I move: lithe, agile, fluid motion
within the dance of violence
encompassed by the dark

The titillating shade blooms, understand?
Elixir of death is a powerful potion
served best in relative silence
where reality grows stark

Erotic brush of blood on my cheek,
the damned gust of a corpse's sighs,
eyes already blind before my blade
has withdrawn

Exotic hush, too sacred to speak,
The fallen thrust on the Lord of flies;
Life buried with no spade,
Just gone

Black sin eyes with silver rings,
Kali incarnate brought to power
Flame at my breast, grin of knives
I am a conclusion unforsaken

Ignoble yet wise, my spirit sings
as I approach my given hour
rage in my chest, the sum of lives,
I am Dragon: Awaken.

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