Petals on a River: Poetry

I never knew when it was 
that he found a way into my heart
It was as if he had already been there,
waiting patiently for me
to take notice of him

I never knew how he came to be a part
of the world, of my life, of my cares
as if he were just another portion of the ties
that held my life together
And I never knew when it was that I fell in
love with part of him,
the intellectual side, the emotional side,
the way he spoke that seemed
to murmur in my brain
as if he were a song that my mind
refused to part from,
a melody that was so sweet and tender

Like wind tossed petals on the river of my heart,
he made an impact and left me breathless
He spoke two words and I was enraptured,
he said my name and I was his
Like forlorn petals on the river of my mind,
he climbed unbidden into my thoughts
like some ghost of yesterday
With one glance I was lost,
with one kiss I was forever branded...

I never knew exactly how it was he came to me,
it seemed that one day he was a friend,
the next so much more
His voice held a sweet resonance that
played in harmony to my soul
I never knew exactly when his words gripped me,
perhaps it was the way he described the world
or his unique philosophies
that were so similar to my own
He never told me to stay and listen,
but with a sentence I was held captive
I never knew that I would regret
telling him good-bye,
just staying mutual friends
in the element of things
But I never thought
that would be hard to do

Like silken petals on the river of my soul,
he intertwined his spirit with mine
and for once I knew what it was like to live
He told me of his feelings, which echoed my own
He spoke of his longings and I knew we were matched
Like minute, crushed petals on the river of my life,
He waltzed in with skill and grace, unannounced, uninvited

And just as quickly the dance was over,
and it was time to take a bow and say good-bye
Like scattered petals on the river of Fate,
He told me that things happen,
that life must go on
But if that's true, then why the mystery,
why the promise of bliss I could never have

Like tortured petals on the river of Destiny,
he bowed deeply and kissed my hand,
resolutely he walked away
From my heart
From my mind
From my spirit
From my soul
Like a melody that has played its
tune for the last time
and, no longer needed, fades away
Like petals on a river.

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