Motive: Poetry

There are secrets here,
in sanctified hallways
Where only librarians walk
and if you are careful,
if you are worthy,
Then the veils are lifted
from your eyes

You will spy entire
Eras in the architecture
of a single building,
realize that every interaction
Is but a reflection
of the knowledge you
Already have

The initiate is both 
Awake and Aware,
knowing themselves
through and though

There are so many things
underneath this sun that
we do not yet understand
Yet as time slows,
as emotions run through
are at last understood,
As veils are lifted, 
parted and discared
Then too shall we realize
life again

Man wanted to know
the secret of all secrets
and walk with God;
Man wanted to heal
and be exalted through
all of existence

And I, solitary I,
wanted to stand strong,
determined and independent;
I wanted to shatter 
these accepted notions,
Spin their beliefs on
Their ears and dazzle
The world with things
They did not know

And I wanted all of these
Things solely because
They claimed I would never
Have them as a female.

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