The Fortune Teller: Poetry

"Let me read your
palm," she said.
"Your energy is amazing."

I nodded in turn,
already knowing where
this would lead

In three minutes,
she told me the rivers
of my pain she saw
etched in the lines

Tears flowed from my eyes,
even as I smiled at her

"There is something
so strange about you,"
she said.

"There is this a wall inside
you, a shroud, but such raw power
you hold. I am in awe."

With canny eyes she
asked me if I wanted help

And predictably,
she offered to remove
my obstacles with
blessed candles from
the Holy Land for $220

Tears still flowing,
I declined, explaining
that I did not have
much money

"I've not yet eaten today,"
I explained. "But thank
you for your time."

I left with a crumbled tissue
holding the weight of my tears
alongside empty pockets full
this fortune I'd already known

And as I did,
I could not help
remembering the woman
who touched Christ's robe:

She was healed for free.

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