Foreverland: Poetry

My mind is wandering
to Forever Land
where nothing really matters,
where happiness is mind
I reside in plans so wide and free,
under liberated sun and unfettered moon
where nothing really matters,
where I am myself and that alone

I glide through crystal waters,
naked body gleaming like a mermaid
whose song has not yet risen
surfacing only to fly back into
those clear depths with a music all their own
where nothing really matters,
where I need nothing and no one

I walk through golden fields,
grain nearly stretching waist high,
wind combing through my hair
sun carressing my skin like a long lost lover
as a smile hovers on my lips
Under sky so startlingly blue,
so perfectly serene
Where nothing really matters,
where peace is in my grasp

I sit under living trees
Breathing slowly, feeling fine
Music in my ears; the sounds of nature
that sing for me and me alone
Wearing a golden gown
and simple slippers
No greater pleasure
This place where nothing really matters
Where I am myself and that alone

And my mind can see it so clearly
that my eyes weep for what I can't yet have
For here...
everything seems to matter
And I cannot find myself even if I had
a road map.

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