Daughters of Heaven: Poetry

They were the Daughters of Heaven,
Discarded and used,
Sanctified by words only,
knowledgeable in books

In verse,
They wandered in chilled,
dark places where
little unknown things
aroused curiosity,
catapulting then
into a Reckoning

Eve and Lilith
both merely asked
the question "Why?"

There is nothing more
feared under the sun
than a woman with a
knowledgeable mind
and the sense to use it

So long now,
These daughters have just
been mothers waiting to come
Across the corpses of sons,
Fallen in pursuit
of imaginary wars
For imaginary causes

they take up arms
of scholarship,
wear the reigns
of penmanship
and write the truth
for hearts that weep
at what the world
has become...

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