The Pagan Lover: Poetry

He said he loved me
and I believed

I let him inside
where all my secrets lie
among the scattered
debris of memory

There in the forest,
we loved naked
by the bonfire,
dancing in the sparks
beneath an iridescent

He said he loved me
and I believed

So I forged a statue
in his honor,
made of gold
molten in the flames
of our love

But when I faced him,
he was no longer naked
with me

he stood clothed
from neck to foot,
holding the book
of his career within
his right hand,
preaching that
our life had been
a falsehood

He said I was a Pagan
and I believed

He told me I was
holding fast to
a love of ashes,
worshiping a lover
that had never held
his true face

Still I danced with him,
thinking he'd leave
his calling
to renew our love
But he only glared
at the statue and
accused me of idolatry

He said it was over
and I believed

The bonfire
grew cold,
and I found my feet
from a thousand
different cuts

How was I to know
that his love would
be like glass?

He walked away
from me,
protected by his
sturdy pair of shoes.

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